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Avoiding False Alarms




The mission of the department of public safety is to provide, maintain, improve and upgrade 911 emergency call taking and dispatch services in Erie County by utilizing the most modern equipment and technology available. It is also the mandate of the department to advocate for all public safety agencies in the County relative to areas of concern, to include, but not limited to categories such as training, equipment, emergency procedures, facilities, and corrections procedures. Finally, it is imperative that the department provide comprehensive emergency management and Hazmat services to ensure the safety of the public, funding of equipment, and coordination of Federal, State, and Municipal disaster prevention and response.
  • Residents of Erie County
  • Emergency Service Providers
  • Schools, Civic and Public Service Organizations
  • All branches of government
  • Local business and industry
  • Federal agencies

  • Act 78 of 1990, RL. 340, No. 78 as Amended, known as the Pennsylvania Public Safety Emergency Telephone Act
  • Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
  • Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
  • Erie County Government Ordinances
  • Erie County Directives and Procedures
  • Provide public safety call taking and dispatch services without interruption, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Provide public service information to the community and emergency response agencies regarding 911 issues.
  • Provide training and quality assurance services as required by State regulations.
  • Provide preventative maintenance to existing emergency communication sites throughout the county.
  • Facilitate the design, equipment purchase, and implementation of a comprehensive, interoperable, communications system that will service all public safety agencies in Erie County.
  • Consolidate county-wide communication resources.
  • Expansion of wireless technology.
  • Enhancing staff expertise and competency.
  • Data sharing.
  • Relocate the 911 Facility.
  • Promote the upgrade of radio frequency technology utilized in the field by the County-wide public safety agencies in an effort to establish standardization of their equipment.
  • Adapt the highest level of information technology to be provided to the users in a computer aided dispatch (cad) system.
  • To become self sustaining with in-house technical maintenance.
  • Provide citizens, the business community, and County staff with convenient access to appropriate information and services through technology.
  • Tracking all organizational indicator activities.
  • Provide vision, leadership, and a framework for emerging technology, and implement proven information systems.


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