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Welcome to the Erie County Emergency Management Agency home page.  This information is being provided to assist our community in being prepared for any emergency which might affect our personal safety and property. While the concern for terrorism has been on the minds of many people in our community, this information is also useful for all kinds of emergencies. Based off all the information our office has received to this date, there is no imminent threat or danger however elevating the threat status is an indication that we, as a community, need to be more vigilant to potential issues facing our personal safety and that of our community.

If any citizen sees something that they feel may be suspicious activity possibly threatening to the community, we encourage that it be reported to the police department or your local FBI Office (Erie FBI Office Phone Number (814) 452-4516).

This web-site will be updated on an on-going basis as new and timely information is received.



FEMA's Are You Ready? A Guide For Citizen Preparedness offers specific tips on preparing for National Security Emergencies, including terrorism, chemical and biological weapons, and nuclear and radiological attack.


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What You Can Do:
» Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness
» Resource Information on Citizen, Business and School Preparedness
» Department of Homeland Security
» Title 35 Electronic Version


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